"Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" flag


The "TRNC" flag

Pentadaktylos Flag

Flags painted on Pentadaktylos

In 1974 Turkey invaded and occupied the northern third of the Republic of Cyprus. On November, 15 1983 Turkey unilaterally declared this occupied territory as an independent state, calling it the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus", an action which was immediately condemned by the United Nations with the Resolution 541.

The flag of the illegal and non-recognized internationally "TRNC" is based on the model of the Turkish national flag. It is white and features a red star, a crescent and two thin horizontal red lines near the top and the bottom of the flag.

In an effort to further provoke the victims of the Turkish invasion the Turkish occupation army painted two extremely large flags on the sides of Pentadaktylos Mountain range. Each of these flags is about 450 meters wide and covers an area which is more than 4 football fields. They can be seen from many parts of the free areas of the Republic of Cyprus.

The "TNRC" flag in the news

  • Those offended by the giant "TRNC" flag on the Pentadaktylos mountains could soon find insult added to injury if a group of nationalist activists succeed in their plans to erect two more giant flags at the peak of the range.
  • Outgoing E.U. Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn has promised to look into the environmental impact of the giant "TRNC" flag on the Pentadaktylos mountain range following a complaint by DIKO's MEP Antigone Papadopoulou.
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